Cobb Co. Studio Arts


That the phone/door bell will ring,
as you step into the shower to sing.

Delivery men are always later,
than any procrastinator.

The roads you choose to travel.
Lead to ruin, ruts, or gravel.

Junk mail, sweepstakes by the ton,
proclaiming, "You may have won!"

Along with countless bills that never cease,
are credit card promos to make your debt increase.

Just when you think your work is done,
more comes along to spoil your fun.

Meetings, committees, wherever you congregate,
always obligations, crises that cannot wait.

Birthdays, weddings, and other occasions,
requiring gifts and cards of all persuasions.

Retirement seems so far away,
first must come mortgages to pay.

But, rest assured, the day will come,
if health permits, no nursing home.

Life goes on till death and taxes take their toll,
and "Rest In Peace", becomes your goal.