Cobb Co. Studio Arts


Becoming a household name,
or cause celebre`
of world-wide web acclaimed fame,
hitting the top-ten's listing,
the most wanted for anything

Struggling to arrive someplace,
ego/id preserved,
identity intact, still
not knowing who is a friend,
seeking love that never ends.

Above it all? Have a clue?
Your head in the clouds?
Found ancestral coat of arms?,
genealogy researched
birthright, makes all blood run blue.

A place in history claimed,
reservations made,
calling cards upon a plate,
give us a call, set a date,
party of one?, family rate?

Pseudonyms, pen-names, akas,
"Who was that masked man, Mom?"
Tonto says, "Kemo-Sabe,
means a good and faithful friend."

No identity crisis large,
save amnesia,
Alzheimer's disease, creeping
senility, no children weeping
a pauper's grave, blank tombstone.

Better to have lived unknown,
than to die alone.
The fickle finger of fate,
tracing time-lines, declaring
John/Jane Doedecomposing.