Cobb Co. Studio Arts


Do everything in moderation, a fine delicate balance,
Between the good and evil things that give life rhythm.
Take care not to exceed the limit, whatever the variety,
Of speed, credit, calories, sex…can there be too much repetition?
Don’t answer that merely rhetorical question…no need for contrasts
To my own opinions, I asked only to suggest…emphasis!

The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the breadth and depth of rhythm,
Beating hearts, beating drums, beating the odds, allowance for variety
Of counts, numerical references, sequence of events, steps in repetition,
Innuendoes, double-meanings, slightly hidden subtle contrasts,
Stressed vowels, stressed bowels, stressed emotions for emphasis,
Need breathing spaces, regularly paced movements, on time balance.

Equality for all, peace and mutual harmony, no wars for variety,
Between sexes, races, countries, "Imagine all the people…"repetition,
"Living in harmony…", John Lennon’s dream for the world, contrasts,
"You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…", emphasis,
"Why don’t you all join us, and the world will be as one…", balance.
And, the beat goes on…from generation to generation, a shifting rhythm.

Somewhere along the way the stilled voices need to be heard anew, repetition,
A progression that will build from past foundations, edifices of contrasts,
Honored for their differences, respected for their existence, enduring emphasis,
To be desired among all the peoples and nations, recognition of real need balance,
No stigmas or prejudices attached, freedom to glorify all life, insisting rhythm,
Unity, solving global problems, moderating world environments’ variety.

Are we getting closer to the time of Armageddon, 2000, Y2K contrasts?
Computer malfunctions, electrical systems, global networks, banking, health-care emphasis,
A closed- for- repairs, shut-down, back-to-pencil-pushing situation, with no way, no balance!
Will Man’s inherent genius for problem creating/solving, finally be an undone rhythm?
Ignorance will not be so blissful, when the end is near, nor will any other options’ variety.
Decisions costing millions, outcomes to be nothing more than status-quo, repetition.

Damning God for human frailties and all our sinful vices’ past emphasis,
Can only lead to self-fulfilling prophecies, Nostradamus without balance,
Does hope remain in Pandora’s Jar, condemning us to all evils’ rhythm?
Optimism is a virtue that I stubbornly still cling to maintain possible variety,
A semblance of order out of chaos’ unleashed furious, unceasing repetition,
A denial, perhaps, of things to come, but preferable to the logic of what contrasts…

ENVOY: MODERATION: All things being equal, which they never are, emphasis that there may not be any
balance between things of contrasts, no yin and yang existence, no harmonious rhythm, only on-going repetition
of past mistakes, but, clinging still to illusive hope for the future of mans existence and variety.