Cobb Co. Studio Arts


Leave a wake-up call
for the millennium year,
alerting the complacent
bureaucratic heads
that have nodded off too long.

The malaise inflicted
by the millennium bug
is real. Blissful ignorance
won't make it go away.
The sky is falling, the sky

is falling, Chicken
Little. Prepare now for the
Y2K Armageddon!
The worst is coming,
case scenario, pre-ordained!

forecast a global doomsday,
ominous, total melt-down,
no quick fix this time,
the clock is the enemy.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ought, ought,
does not compute, a still-born
New Year's Baby boy
Father Time's scythe, on hold!

Power disruptions,
flawed information
systems, once "smart", now "dumbed-down",
grounding air traffic,
trickling faucet pipes, darkness.

Cars that are confused,
by missing one hundred year checks,
phone systems, emergency calls
out of commission ,
elevators stopped between floors.

Factories shut down,
federal departments too!
Banking, business stand-still!
Economic chaos,
all microprocessorssoft!

Millions of dollars,
already spent, budgets depleted,
no one knows what is enough
dough for status quo,
no easy "chip shots", for sure!

The millennium
crises' requires solutions,
committed people, working
night and day, over-time,
taking firm creative measures.

Honesty also,
to prepare the world's units,
to undertake damage control,
faith not blinded by
the millennium malaise.