Cobb Co. Studio Arts


Censored for tasting
Forbidden fruit over-ripened
On Internet trees

Banished from Eden's
Cyber-garden for a month's
Penitence from me

Microsoft's "Gates"gods
Forbade entry by proxy
Although I may knock

No door will open
I may not be entered in
Because of errors

Mortal sins explored
Against Microsoft's Command
May be forgiven

Erased, expunged sins
They will lift the proxy shield
Guarding Heaven's Gates

Reminding me not
To visit forbidden sites
Flesh-pots' access links

Do not look upon
Hedonistic fantasies
We control your kind

There's no privacy
On the Internet, take care
Big Brother's watching

His "cookie" machines
Track every crumb-byte anywhere
Encoding life-styles

Internet "nannies"
Chastity belt persuasion
Guard virginity

Prophylactic shields
Covering events untold
To participants

Computerized chips
Will legislate no sex found
No age of consent

Lists of words and verse
Banished breasts of AOL
A "Case" gone berserk

Citizens be alert
For self-proclaimed censors lurk
And spies are everywhere.