Cobb Co. Studio Arts


>From Adam and Eve's fig leaves
Modesty was borne,
(Probably the first clothes worn).

Later, then primitive men,
Covered breasts and loins
With furs and savage beasts' skins.

In biblical lands hair shirts
Became prophets' suits.
Along with wool woven frocks.

While Romans and Egyptians
Sported toga styles,
Cavorting at their orgies.

Tartan plaids and kilts galore
For lads and lassies
Of highland clans and counties.

Grass skirts, sarongs, muftis worn,
By either sexes,
In tropical lands' climates.

Mayflower pilgrim folks,
Dressed plain as Quakers,
Broke bread with loin-clothed natives.

Colonial men in rags
Fought Redcoat Brits and allies,
Royal rule to end.

Settlers moving west,
Wore drop-drawers, jeans, and vests,
Bonnets, gingham dress.

When hand-me-downs
Were made to last through siblings,
Patches were no shame.

Fit proper clothing
Made the man, disguised the place
>From whence he begun.

Decades have changed,
Fads and fashions' dictates too,
Long, short, tight, baggy.

Pretty French gowns
On runway models gaunt forms,
Parisian fluff.

Brides to be, proud Dads
Walk down aisles in wedding clothes,
Gowned and cumberbound.

Tuxedoed grooms,
Entourage, best man and others,
Maids of honor, sisters, mothers.

Invited guests, all,
Both sides, families and friends,
In Sunday best, shed tears.

After weddings lie
Birthdays, diapers, often changed,
Sleepers, blankets too.

Children out grow clothes
Before you realize they're grown.
Old clothing passed on.

Life' cycles go on,
>From diapers on to "Depends",
Funerals, more tears.

This is where my poem
Ends covering subjects' clothes-ing,
Now decomposing.