Cobb Co. Studio Arts


Maintain no permanent crossing of sanity lines
Between the "real" world's discovered shapes
And the imagined world's dream forms.
On trips taken and thoughts' spoken colors
Blended and bent mind warped textures
Recreating reality's old remembered spaces.

In any divorce, contested or not, lies' true textures
Cannot disguise the pained life forms
Left to deal with the losses of familiar shapes,
Of deeds left undone, of love denied, of vacated spaces
Devoid of "once upon a time" happy multi-colors
Now blackened souls, hardened lost life-lines.

Images of the past life confound the present forms,
Making uncertain new possibilities of brightly-lit colors.
Housing realities, lottery waiting lines,
Excess baggage, precious dear shapes,
New cargo to love, to help fill empty, lonely spaces,
And provide substance and sustenance to life's textures.

New loves revisited may define desired spaces
For families caught between proverbial lines.
Smooth out all the wrinkles and rough textures.
Make promises anew, beginnings to forms
That will bind up all heart-broken shapes
And restore the luster of love's true colors.

Mistakes forgiven, lost weight reduced shapes
To be toned still, to firmed sleek muscle textures.
A healthy body, tanned, sun-saved colors,
A mind that opens communication lines.
An allowance for differences, respect for personal spaces.
Motivation to grow, to make connected forms.

Harmonizing in unified composed calm colors,
In peaceful, loving, bed sharing spaces.
Mutual expectations of the future forms
The warp and weft of together tapestry's textures.
Patterns made from twinned threaded love lines,
Trusting in God's love in all His three shapes.

ENVOY: Basic Elements-artistically arranged lines, shapes, forms, colors, textures, and spaces,
organized to create harmonious relationships, extended to include family groups, the love between
women and men, specifically husband and wife, as well as in the production of works of art.