Cobb Co. Studio Arts


For brooks that babble,
for towers of Babel.

And cities like Babylon,
with people who prattle on.

For boxers who weave and bobble,
on knees that quake and wobble.

For squirrels that chatter,
and birds that preen or gobble.

In trees, acacia babul,
their babblements carry on.

For dew-like baubles,
and on-line squabbles.

For witches' brews,
that boil and bubble.

For feet that stumble,
and cookies that crumble.

For utterers who iterate,
platitudes that self-inflate.

For mere trifles, small trinkets,
cliches` that multiply like wrinklets.

For those that babble, from dawn,
'til setting sun, beyond.

Take a breather, take a break,
muffle yourselves for Heaven's sake!