Cobb Co. Studio Arts


I've been away too long,
I miss the sound of written song.

The poetry that trips 'cross lips and tongue,
from friends I've met on the Internet among.

Nantoo and Craig, Pete and Lacey,
KTDidd and A., who drive men crazy.

BraveMom, and Nantoo'sMom too,
MGBio, Bev, I've missed all of you.

The things we used to say and do,
when, to me. Cyber-talk was, somewhat, new.

My time on-line became addictive,
no less the charges for the fixative.

I've reduced the habit to.almost nil,
but, I confess, I miss the connective thrill.

And so, from time to time, I will return,
to renew and reflect my thoughts in rhyme.