Cobb Co. Studio Arts


Awaken me whenever snuggles aren't enough
to comfort desires or satisfy burning needs.
I'm here, bedded, willing, ready, with needs of my own
that only you can satiate.Quench my thirst, feed my soul,
till the night urges are fulfilled, linger close, warm
thoughts of loving to sustain us for the away times.

Always my best friend, lover, wife for my lifetime needs,
partner, sharing dreams, bed spaces, goals we both own.
Loving that grows stronger every day, together, one soul
in two bodies, working to build and kindle flames, warm,
friendly, thoughtful and kind, tender touches for all the times
that overwhelm us with sadness and grief, more than enough.

We need the strength we get from each other to make soul
decisions regarding an un-empty nest, both cold and warm,
inhabited by a son lost in limbo, defeated, angry at times,
contented only by misery and self-destructive habits, enough
to drive us crazy trying to understand his bi-polar needs,
wondering what will the future hold in store, no home of his own.

Claiming to be the great protector of our house, to keep it safe and warm,
ready to defend our material realm from intruders, to company, often times,
he vents his wrath to all who care to listen, even if they have heard enough,
cussing for all that he is worth about his unfairly treated selfish needs..
We, as caring parents, sometimes care too much, enabling, no place to call our own.
His daughter given up for adoption, we're not allowed to see her soul.

It is good that we have each other to cling to, that ought to be enough,
along with prayers and God's strength, the love of other family needs,
not quite as stressful, nor demanding, they have lives to lead on their own,
and goals that keep them occupied, work to do, schooling too, sole
supporting endeavors, to provide for their lives together, environments that are warm,
children to care for and nurture, stories to write and tell, problem solving times.

Early retirement could be a risky venture, but one that we're both ready to own,
to take pleasure in creative pursuits, write poetry and thrive, relax our weary soul(s),
earn what we need additionally to maintain our health and sanity, our hearth warm,
and the wolf away from our door.We need to prepare for possible elders' home times
too, along with prodigal son's impossible demands, will there ever be enough,
only time and truth will tell whether or not the Devil pays or God may provide our needs.

ENVOY: A rambling attempt to find some closure, peace of mind solutions,discovering, somehow,
the lessons to be learned from a life-time spent in teaching, to provide for the needs of others,
falling short of the mark,wondering if we own enough warm love times ahead to save a soul, or two, or three, or more.